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We Were Beautiful
Meadow Merry

It was perfect to see you yesterday
Always made me smile sweet what can I say
I remember before we had a clue
We were beautiful me and you
Maybe that was then and our time has passed
So much has changed since I saw you last
And I know for you it’s been the same
I heard Anna is her name

I still remember you back then
In love with the world you held me by the hand
There was nothing you and I couldn’t do
And I believed in me and you

How old is she now anyway
I heard she turned two just the other day
She’s daddy’s girl now isn’t she
Do you have a picture with you can I see
Her mom’s been gone now for quite a while
Don’t hide from me now behind that smile
I know there’ve been hard times she left behind
In order to get by your dreams have lost some shine

Thanks for askin I’m doin fine
I only think about you all the time
And seeing you now I know
I’m not over us and I can’t let you go

Cause I still remember you back then
We were so in love just take me by the hand
There’s nothing you and I can’t do
And I still believe in me and you

The kind of love we shared is not gonna disappear
I see it in your eyes you know it by my tears
I’ve been holding on for all these years
Please tell me that my home is here
With you