From the recording Adirondack Blue

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Adirondack Woman
Roy Hurd

She’s an Adirondack woman
Pretty as Silver Lake
Still the chill of a winter night
With that warm love she’ll make
Her eyes shine and sparkle
Like sun on the fallen snow
Her hearts as free as a Chick-a-dee
When the warm spring breezes blow

I’ve done my share of travel
I’ve been from state to state
I’ve rolled around from New York town
To the city of the golden gate
Many a pretty woman has turned this head around
But none could start to take my heart like the special one I’ve found

Repeat Chorus:

I can smell that balsam pillow
On her big ole feather bed
I love to hear those pretty thoughts
That dance up in her head
I’ve seen her long skirt flyin hi
When she hears that fiddle play
She’ll keep them long john underwear
Right on till the month of May

Repeat Chorus:

In the spring she’s like a flower
Swayin in that gentle wind
In the summertime she’s a poets rhyme
You just have to read again
In the fall she’s sweet like cider
Or honey from the mountain bee
In the winter snow when it’s forty below
She’ll be right there next to me

Repeat Chorus: